Rare Disease Day Spotlight



I would like to thank two amazing human beings that have helped Vivienne along her journey with Propionic Acidemia. First, I would like to thank Ms. Heather, who is Vivienne’s Nutritionist/Dietician. Since she took on Vivienne’s case, Vivi’s health has improved. She has made such a difference in Vivienne’s life! Now, I know why so many parents emphasized the importance of a great dietician! Ms. Heather has been very caring, very attentive,a great listener and very committed to Vivi’s case!

Second, I would like to thank Dr. Baker! Dr. Baker has been an extraordinary geneticist! His dedication and amazing care has helped Vivi stay away from many hospital stays. I feel so blessed in having both Dr. Baker and Ms.Heather as Vivienne’s care team. They both have gained my confidence. Dr. Baker and Heather truly made a difference in Vivienne’s life!

Thank you from the Lopez Family!


Nalani has been lucky to have some amazing people in her life helping her along in her journey. She has been attending a weekly social group at Coeur Academy in Missouri for about 6 years now. They get together, talk about their week, plan activities and play games. They cook a “Thanksgiving feast” and exchange gifts on Christmas. They go shopping and go out to eat together. She is the only girl and tells everyone she meets that she has 4 boyfriends. Nalani is extremely social and this program has given her a group of true friends. I am so thankful to them. I don’t know what she would do without Ann, Sarah and her boyfriends at social group! – Angela  (picture of Nalani and her Teacher)