The Propionic Acidemia Foundation is dedicated to finding improved treatments and a cure for Propionic Acidemia by funding research and providing information and support to families and medical professionals.

Funding Research

Since its inception, PAF has funded over $1,400,000 in research.

Providing Information and support

  • Attend and Exhibit at National Conferences
  • Website – links to Parent Guides, nutritional information, research publications, resources, etc…
  • Newsletter sent out twice a year
  • PA International Patient Registry
  • PA Education Conference offers opportunity for families, researchers and medical providers to learn and interact
  • PA Family Day give families time to learn from other families that are affected by PA in a warm, casual environment.
  • Facebook Group  gives families a chance to ask questions, give updates, and get support.
  • Care Notebook for families that can be downloaded
  • Toll free phone number (US)


To create a future where Propionic Acidemia can be prevented and any affected individual can be cured and live a productive life.