Newsletter Committee is responsible for compiling, editing,  and distribution of newsletters.

Committee members: Julie Howard, Jennifer Mouat

Fundraising Committee is responsible for addressing fundraising.

Fundraising Chair:  Brittany Smith

Research Committee is responsible for distributing information to current and potential researchers on grant opportunities.

Committee members:  Jill Chertow, Brittany Smith, Maria L. Cotrina, Angela Waits

Outreach Committee is responsible for reaching out to families and medical providers.

Social Media Volunteer:   Veronica Lopez

Warrrior Birthday Club is responsible for sending birthday cards to individuals with propionic acidemia and their sibling.  Registration is required.

Committee:  Heather McCarthy and Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School

Conference Planning Committee is responsible for helping with the Warrior Wisdom Conference

Committee members:  recruiting for 2022 Conference


Email [email protected] for more information about joining a committee.

We are very appreciative for the work of Mel Russell and Angela Waits on maintaining and updating the PAF website.