Board of Directors and Officers

  • Jill Chertow – Founder, Director and President, Illinois, 2003-present
  • Brittany Smith – Director, Treasurer, Illinois, 2006-2014; 2015 – present
  • Angela Waits – Director, Secretary Missouri Dec. 2013 – present
  • Maria L. Cotrina-Director, New York 2015-present
  • Susan M. Weaver-Director, Ohio 2024-present

A Special Thanks

The Propionic Acidemia Foundation would like to thank our emeritus founding board members for their time and dedication:  Janice S. Boecker (2003-2006, 2008-2010); Susan Millett (2003-2004); Ruth Milne (2003-2006); Michael Rosenson (2003-2013); Kathy Stagni (2003-2005)

We would also like to thank our emeritus board members for their dedication and service to those affected by Propionic Acidemia:  Veronica Lopez  (2022-2024),  Sheila Buice (2014-2015), Michelle Burns (2005-2008), Eric McAdams (2012-2015), Jennifer Mouat (2008-2009), Nicole Russell (2012-2015), Pat Yeary (2014), Ann Marie Young (2010-2020)


Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Agreement