Scarlett Camille   4/5/2006-11/21/09

The most wonderful thing in the world happened on April 5th, 2006 … you were born….Scarlett Camille.

scarlettSince then life was changed forever in a very special way!

There’s so many things you brought to my life, endless wonders, incredible sweetness, such a tiny little miracle child, unforgettable moments, joy that grew and grew, more love than you could ever dream possible!

I will never forget your strength and courage, and I will be forever proud to have had such a darling daughter.

Although your time here was short, you filled my heart with a lifetime of memories.

What a treasure, a touch of heaven here on earth.

Mommy’s little angel…

Awaiting the touch of a little hand and a smile from a little face.
Love you Bunny Bunny Bunny*

Reprinted from Autumn 2010 Newsletter