Fundraiser for Propionic Acidemia Foundation (PAF) in memory of Lauren and in honour of Jenna

Help Aubrey reach her goal!

Goal:  $2500    Raised as of 11/12:   $1167

Aubrey, mom to Jenna and Lauren will run the Vancouver Fall Classic Half Marathon on Nov. 4th, 2018… at the same time as other PAF parents are running the NY Marathon!

We are fundraising for PAF, as our adult daughter Jenna continues to live with this disorder.  More research and funding arerequired to get closer to finding a cure!  We are optimistic that in Jenna’s lifetime, a cure will be found.

Jenna is now an adult.  She is turning 20 on November 18th!  She graduated high-school life skills and is transitioned to a program called Gateway To Adulthood (GTA).  Jenna’s metabolic status has been stable.  However, last year when Jenna turned 19 she suddenly had her first seizure.  It was a scary time for us as we didn’t understand why she developed epilepsy.  It was happening often.  With a metabolic crisis, we knew our protocol.  Yet, with seizures we had to be alert and constantly in Jenna’s presence, as it could happen at any time.

As with any “normal” teen, Jenna is longing for her independence and seeks the love of a boy.  She admits to being a romantic and wants her prince charming to come one day and sweep her off her feet!  Jenna is quite the fashionista, too.  She wants to (one day) start her own clothing line that she designed.  In her free time, she likes to create stories:  Love stories, to be exact.  She will ask her friends to act out her story. Like a boss director, Jenna knows what she wants and tells everyone their rolls!  We are extremely proud of our daughter.  Once a baby we thought we would not see to live past age of 3, is now a thriving adult and living a beautiful life.

Help us  reach our goal of raising $2500 for PAF!

Below are details of previous year’s fundraising results & photos:


This year marks the 8th year of the DELIMA family campaign in memory of Lauren.

Thank you for your continued support.

Love, the DELIMA Family