Carson A.

We adopted Carson at birth and we have been blessed ever since. He’s the most amazing little boy! Carson is so silly and makes us laugh all the time.  Carson has a 16 year old sister and a 19 month old brother. He is a very happy little boy, is extremely active and he enjoys music a lot.  It’s amazing how much rhythm he has at such a young age. We think he will probably be a famous musician some day.


Carson will be Three years old on June 15th 2006. He was diagnosed with PA at three weeks of age by Doctor Jose Abdenur at Children’s hospital of Orange in California. We live in Laguna Niguel, California. Carson is doing very well. He is about 9months delayed in speech and cognitive. Physically he is only a little delayed because of low muscle tone but seems to keep up pretty well.  He stopped eating around 9 months old and has been eating strictly by G-Tube ever since. He will put some food in his mouth and suck on it but never really swallows anything. He likes primarily salty things. He drinks water from a bottle and we have just graduated to a sippy cup. He currently weighs 36 lbs and is 37 in. tall. His diet consists of 126 grms. Propimex-1, and 102 grms of Similac to a total volume of 30 oz. He receives 21 oz. by bolas feed during the day and the rest at night with the pump. His medications are Carnitine-6 mls 3 xs per day, sodium benzoate-4 grms per day, Flagil-1.6 mgs 2x per day, and Prilosec 3.5 mgs 2 x’s per day. Carson receives two hours per week of OT therapy and two hours a week of speech therapy. Carson has low muscle tone, but it is not severe. We see Dr. Abdenur every two months and we have all his Aminos and Carnitine and Amonia levels checked. We work with a wonderful dietician and we change his formula according to his body weight and his labs.   We Love our Doctor and can’t imagine where we would be without his dedication and Love to Carson. We know that we are so lucky to have him.


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