Tiffany B. – Age 16 – Updated February 2017

Tiffany B

Tiffany B

Tiffany is a very outgoing person, she loves to talk. Her favorite things in the world are Odd Squad, Barney, and any kids shows on YouTube.  She is a sophomore in high school in a special education class. She has been mostly stable the last few years with her PA, just issues with long QT, and seizures.  She is totally g-tube dependent, but is always hungry.  She is very compassionate to others and is very sweet. It really takes a lot to get her down.


Hi, my name is Tiffany, I am 8 years old, I am in 3rd grade at Lithia Springs Elementary.  Some of my favorite things are Barney and puzzles.  I have a lot of delays, but thats ok, I am in a class a school where all the kids with me do too.  I don’t eat by mouth, I have this cool tube in my tummy and everything I need my Mom or Dad gives me through it.  Can you eat while you are asleep?  I can.  I have not been in the hospital for about 3 years now.  That is great for me, I hate the hospital and all the sticks.

I have an older sister, Amber, who also has PA.  I think that she is the coolest thing on earth.

God Bless,
Tiffany B.