Lea and Eva

My husband is Juan Carlos, is 35 years old. I am  Alexandra, 29 years old. We got married on April 8, 2006 and on May 2 of the same year we found out that I was pregnant. On June 9, we were told there were two babies in different sacs and placentas. We considered the pregnancy to be normal since I did not have any kind of problems or complications. I had four ultrasounds/sonograms and everything seemed to be fine in regards to the growth and weigh of our baby girls. The C-section delivery was planned for December 20th (at 37.5 weeks) and the operation itself went fine. The first twin, Eva, weighed 4.11 pounds and measured 45 centimeters. The second twin, Lea, weighed 4.15 pounds and measured 47 centimeters. The following day after the delivery, I had the visit of the pediatrician/neonatologist, Dr. Esaú Coreas and he said the babies were fine, but in the afternoon he told us that Lea (the second twin) had been placed in an incubator because she was not well, she had not eaten enough and seemed not to be hungry. Later on, he called us so we could go see her, and he concluded after doing some exams and x-rays, that after not having eaten she had dehydrated and had gases. They starting feeding her through an I.V. and she seemed to get better, later on, we were called again, she had not responded to the I.V. after all, and she was in a comma. A catheter was placed on her to try to stabilize her, but that was of no use, since she died around 12:00 midnight. Dr. Coreas decided to also place Eva in an incubator, who even though was not yet presenting any symptoms, he did not want to discard the possibility that the same could happen to her. At 2:00 a.m. a test revealed acidity in the blood and he told us he was going to decrease it with baking soda; he then decided to do a blood test to check for ammonia, with the difficulty that at that time there was not a place that was open where the test could be done. He called us at 5:45 a.m. because he had found a lab that was open 24 hours. My husband took the sample, and when he returned, Eva had already died. Everything happened very quickly and according to what Dr. Coreas explained to us, everything pointed to a metabolic condition that did not allow for the assimilation of protein, which is consequence of my husband and I sharing the same gene that was passed on to our daughters. We finally had the result of the exam, Propionic Acidemia. Since then we’ve been reading and trying to understand how it is and what is, now we know a lot of it, we found the name amnio, but we are afraid of it, because we wouldn’t want to risk a new baby.