Family Day 2007

PA Family Day

Group Photo

Grandparents at Family Day

Charleene, Michelle, Austin and Allison  Lisa, Tony, Brandon and Matt

                              Nancy, Julie, Lucy and Joe

Toni, Trent and Dave

Tom, Jen, Robbie and Gwen

                                       Mimi, Rachel and Seldon

Rawlo, Brittany, Max and Talli                                   Lucy

                                 Ryan, Jill, Jordan and Steve

Jen and Gwen

Nancy and Joe check out Rachel’s scrapbook.

Lucy eats spaghetti with Gwen and Allison

Matt and Gwen

Robbie way up high!!!

Michelle, Austin, Allison, Julie and Lucy hanging out

Crazy Tom!!!

Dave, Toni and Trent

Talli, Rachel and Jordan

Michelle and Allison – all worn out