Nehori is now one year and ten month old, He was diagnosed as a PA suffer, a few hours after he was born.  Ever since he was born he has been suffering from illnesses such as: lack of appetite, can’t eat appropriately through his mouth and being fed through narrow tube that is connected to his stomach.
Recently he’s spending most of time in intensive care due to an incessant vomiting, without knowing what the cause to it is. . which is very frustrating to us and the doctors has no answer to his problem sence lake of knowlege in this specific disease.

Two mounth ago he was at E.R in ittenssive care and almost lost his life cause an unstopable vomiting that caused him obfuscation his contionce , only after helfh a litter blood, he came to his senses.

Today, we are considering a liver transplant on nehori, we are not sure cause we havent heard of any child that went a liver transplant yet.
In now days in his development: He can pronounce a few syllables, he is not able to stand by himself yet. He is a very happy child, which is smiling alot.

Update:  May 2012

Neoray had a liver transplant on November 2011 with the recommendation of propionic acidemia family stories nehoray 5-2012our doctor although the risks of the surgery this has changed his life.  Neoray can now eat proteins without limitation.  He started to walk and talk a little bit and start to have much less visits in the hospital as opposed to before.  Now the ammonia doesn’t cause problems and the quality of his life has improved drastically.