Allison S.  – updated 1/24/2019

Allison is a positive, bubbly 11 year old now. She acts like a normal 11 year old girl and while all of her friends know she has PA, they don’t treat her any different. Her favorite subjects are science, reading, and art. She likes playing soccer and softball, she doesn’t have the endurance that her friends have, but it doesn’t stop her from trying. She likes to play with Lego, make crafts, draw, and hangout with her friends. She likes to go on road trips and visit new places. She has decided over the summer that she wants to be a marine biologist and work with dolphins, after we visited the Marine Mammal Institute in Mississippi. She eats “normal” kid foods now; she loves macaroni and cheese, popcorn, and chicken nuggets. She has gotten more adventurous with trying new foods, like shrimp and fish. She measures and calculates all of her protein intake on her own.

Initial Post: Allison, 10 months old

Allison  was diagnosed with PA when she was a week old.  She was the first in the state of Missouri diagnosed by newborn screening.

She was very healthy and started eating table foods. She crawled very fast and was almost walking. She liked noisy toys, especially her maracas. She liked to play peek-a-boo and patty cake.