Newsletter Committee is responsible for compiling, editing,  and distribution of newsletters.

Committee members: Julie Howard, Jennifer Mouat

Fundraising Committee is responsible for addressing fundraising.

Fundraising Chair:  Brittany Smith

Research Committee is responsible for distributing information to current and potential researchers on grant opportunities.

Committee members:  Jill Chertow, Brittany Smith, Maria L. Cotrina, Angela Waits

Outreach Committee is responsible for reaching out to families and medical providers.

Warrrior Birthday Club is responsible for sending birthday cards to individuals with propionic acidemia and their sibling.  Registration is required.

Committee:  Heather McCarthy and Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School

Conference Planning Committee is responsible for helping with the Warrior Wisdom Conference

Committee members:  recruiting for 2020 Conference


Email [email protected] for more information about joining a committee.

We are very appreciative for the work of Mel Russell and Angela Waits on maintaining and updating the PAF website.